Trappist-1 Layered Necklace – Yugen Tribe
Trappist-1 Layered Necklace

Trappist-1 Layered Necklace


The recent discovery of the Trappist-1 system was incredible and inspiring. So we used it and made some jewelry! This necklace has all 7 planets represented in 10mm and 14mm pendants according to their size. All 7 pendants are individually hung on an 18" chain to create a unique layered cluster. 

Looks great with our Trappist-1 Bracelet!


♥ The galaxy line is expanding! Check out other pieces available here!

♥ Discounts apply if you wanted to order multiples for wedding parties - please message us before hand to set up a custom order.

A portion of the proceeds from every galaxy line sale will go to the  Planetary Society  to help fund space exploration and research. 

♥ Production time may vary. Please check our turnaround times before ordering.

♥ These are individually handcrafted and the particular piece you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured. These are also not 100% waterproof, so please avoid wearing them in the shower or pool. Nickel and lead free!

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