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National STEAM Day

It was in the early 2000’s that the United States realized the students in our nation weren’t keeping up with the standards of other countries with regards to education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, or what is now referred to as STEAM. Studies showed that there would be unfavorable consequences if the United States could not compete in the global economy as a result of inadequate education for our youth, who would then grow up to be ill prepared for the workforce. More in-depth international comparisons of education fueled heavy discussion in America, and further research unveiled the underlying needs of school systems in order to help guide the development of targeted solutions. Government officials...

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Sky Watch: Uranus at Opposition

Today, Uranus is at opposition to the Sun. If you’ve read any of the other blogs about planets being at opposition this year, you know this means that Uranus is the closest to Earth and the brightest it will be in the night sky for 2019. Fun Fact: After spending almost nine years positioned in the constellation of Pisces, the Fishes, Uranus entered Aries, the Ram, in April of 2018. The planet retrograded back into Pisces for a stint that year, before moving into Aries again in February of this year. On average, Uranus reaches opposition to the Sun every 370 days (called its synodic period), and about four days later in each successive year. It orbits much farther out...

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Happy Make A Difference Day!

Happy Make a Difference Day, folks! This unofficial secular holiday has been celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October since 1992. Which was a great year for me, by the way. I was nine years old and blissfully unaware of how complicated (and cruel) life can be. That knowledge came on abruptly the next year when I hit double digits as a chubby middle schooler with thick specs. Yeah, 1993 was a real turd. USA Weekend, the second largest national newspaper at the time, jump started this holiday by suggesting that its readers utilize the extra day in the 1992 leap year to do something positive in their communities. Apparently people really dug this idea and, well, it caught on!...

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